We are a non-profit serving only residents in Butte, Meade and Lawrence Counties in South Dakota and Crook County in Wyoming at this time. Requests from outside these areas will be automatically denied. Our finances change daily. We are a volunteer program that is not fully funded. While gifts we make occur within the counties listed, we do accept donations daily from other parts of the country. We intend to expand our reach to help other pets and families in need as our funds grow. We actively fundraise nationwide - if we don't take in donations, we cannot offer assistance.

Due to limited funding and our Responsible Pet Owner Standards, we require pet owners pay a minimum of 25% of the cost of care. See Additional Assistance Programs under the Other Resources tab for fundraising ideas. If your request does not meet our Standard Guidelines, you will receive an immediate and automated denial email. Our guidelines are based on four sets of criteria - our Responsible Pet Owner Standards, the pet's crisis, the pet’s prognosis during and after treatment, and your household financials. You will need to answer every question honestly and completely. Please do not elaborate within the fields for specific questions. Use the Description area to provide any additional information you wish.


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